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In an effort to enlarge our reach, Renaissance launches its first ever web portal.
This is the first cut website, so mistakes are inevitable. You can mail your suggestions at info@renaissancetheatres.com and we will try to incorporate them in the portal.

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The Telegraph (Dec., 2, 2012)

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Anandabazar Patrika (23/7/2013)

Theatrical Activities

The group was formed in 1971. Bengal of early 70’s was a state boiling with revolt and repulsiveness to the then govt. This was the time when something new was knocking at the doors. Bengal wanted a change. People were wandering on different lanes to voice their protests. The change was knocking at the door. This was the time when our group was formed with people who found a way of getting themselves heard through theatres.

Since then the times have changed. Changes have come and gone, but there always have been and probably always will be that scope for the better tomorrow. And exploring that better tomorrow is what our Group has always strived for. In our struggle we might not have had a large scale impact but what we believe is that even if we are able to change just one life, our purpose is met.

Since the group was formed we have produced a no. of some of the real famous one are“GANA MANUSHER PANCHALI”,”KRIPONER DHON”, “NABA DHARAPATH”, “DOLA”, “JAPITO”, “RATER ATITHI”, HARADHANER DASTI CHHELE”, “UMMEED”,”NAWABNAMA”, “KARNAKATHA”, “PANCH PARMESHWAR”, “DASTAK”, “GARDISH” . Presently we are staging, “KAAL KOTHRI”, “BAAL BHAGWAN”, “DEAR BAPU”, “RAJAR CHITTHI-1942” & “BAAH RI DUNIYA BAAH!”. Our latest Production is “KHAISE SUKHIYA MORSE”. “KAFAN” a story written by Munshi premchand and developed in to a play by Avinash Gupta is being performed by our Children’s Theatre Unit (in assistance with Sangeet Natak Akademi, Govt. of India).

Our Activities

Children’s Unit: In the year 2009 we had set up a separate unit for Children aged between 10-16 years. You can read in details on the Children’s Unit page. Theatre in Education Programme: Renaissance has also taken up the Theatre in Education Programme of the Human Resource Department, Govt. of India since 2007-08 and currently we are arranging Drama Workshops in the following schools. 1. Shree Jain Vidyalaya, Brabourne Road. 2. Gyan Bharati Vidyapith, Burrabazar. 3. Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Dumdum.4. St. Francis Xavier, Howrah.5. Apeejay, Saltlake. 6. Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya, B.T. Road. 7. Amar Bharti, Kalakar Street.

  • We have regularly arranged drama workshops in slum areas and created plays for them based on national integrity; it develops in them a view that is not bound by the chains of casteism and gives them a better recreation option than consuming alcohol, betting and many such things. Our efforts for arranging workshops for the Deaf and Dumb children is also mentionable where we arranged drama workshops for them with help of DISHA Foundation. It really helped them in a great way to boost their confidence.

  • We have also organized Drama Workshops for daily waged workers (blue collar) for giving them a better recreation option. Different plays on different themes of National interest were prepared by them like on Population Control, Aids awareness, Anti-casteism, and our greatest success came through when through one of these Workshops a Play was created based on Political Awareness; CHARANDAS M.L.A. became a huge success all over Kolkata.

  • Our ongoing play RAJAR CHITTHI is a great example of us working on a shared platform with the haves and have not’s of the society. The play has a casting of 45 artistes with actors from Santhal origin to blinds to physical challenged artistes.

Our Annual Magazine

For the past few years we have been publishing our annual Magazine “BEYOND” and is already creating a buzz in the theatrical community. Due to lack of funds we are able to print only a limited no. Of copies so the circulation of the magazine is limited. However we do hope for its better circulation through web. Click the links below to read the latest edition.

Renaissance School Workshop 2016-17

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Khaise Sukhiya Morse

Director: Aloke Chakravorty
Running Time: 115 mins.
Launch Year: 2014